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The Huntbach family has been have been dairy farmers at Hayfields Farm, South Cheshire, for three generations. The family first settled on the farm in September 1949. The family first started producing cheese in 1957. Although the last dairy cow left the farm in 2018 and the family sorely miss the sight of black and white cows wandering the fields, it has given them the capacity to focus on selling their good quality, tasty cheese and butter to a wider audience. We only use milk from farmers based locally to us so that we can establish good relationship with our suppliers and know the farming practice used in making the milk we use.
Three generations of the Huntbach family still live and work on the farm and the three small children are already either donning their wellies or consuming cheese and butter at every opportunity to help out with the family business.


Rob Huntbach

Rob has worked with dairy since he could first wear wellies and follow in his Dad’s footsteps. Through Rob’s innovation and desire for his small family business to be sustainable in today’s market, the dairy processing plant was established in 2007. The cheese and butter produced at Hayfields dairy is now a popular option in pubs, restaurants and shops throughout the local area. Rob is very excited about the potential of sharing his produce with a wider audience.

Phil and Val

Phil who took on the cheese dairy after his Mum and Dad in the late 1970s with Val alongside him. They have now taken a step back, allowing Rob and the new generation to step up to the Mark and continue the legacy.
Although, they still have access to unlimited cheese!


The Cheese Makers

Adrian, Steve and Barry (From left to right) – between them they have over 100 years of experience.

The dream team makes some of the best cheese and we love having them on board.


The Dairy Team

We have several Parkers amongst our team – a family friend to the Huntbachs for three generations! We have Karl, Wayne, Mark and Steve (Also our Cheese Maker). Will all do anything for us to help in the dairy and we appreciate all the work they do for us throughout the week.

Also on the team, we have Ant, Anthony & Danny. Anthony has years experience in the cheese sector and Ant is another great asset to the team and works hard alongside the team.

All of your parcels will be packed and checked with care and love.


The Office Team

 Rob Lucy 

Lucy is our very experienced QA manager who has come on board full time to ensure the safety and taste optimisation for all the cheese we make. Since working here Lucy has taken on the roll of Manager also looking after the day to day running of the business alongside Rob. She has been friends of the Huntbach’s for over 30 years and adding to the like-family team.

Rob – the boss man!

Megan is our bookkeeper at Hayfields Dairy and ensures the finances are running smoothly.


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